The family business Van Mossel exists 75 years and has grown into one of the largest car companies in the Benelux. As a leading company, we take our responsibility when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR within Van Mossel Automotive Group

Van Mossel Automotive Group strives to be the most recommended provider of mobility solutions in the broadest sense of the word. Based on quality, operational excellence, sustainable financial results and customer satisfaction.

For Van Mossel, it goes without saying that CSR plays an important role within its business operations. We want to be known as a professional automotive player in the market with an eye for people and the environment.

CSR vision

For us, the customer is the most important. We sell mobility and fossil fuels and emissions play a central role in this. As Van Mossel, we want to contribute to minimizing our environmental impact and be a partner in engaged entrepreneurship for our stakeholders.

Mission CSR

End-to-end mobility partner for our customers; with an eye for our own social involvement and responsibility for the environment.

Core values

For Van Mossel Automotive Group, CSR hangs on the following three core values.

  • Customer-focused: We advise our customers on sustainable mobility solutions
  • Responsible: Based on concrete objectives, we take our responsibility to minimize our own impact
  • Open and honest: We communicate our Corporate Social Responsibility results annually

MVO binnen Van Mossel Automotive Groep:

Within Van Mossel Automotive Group, there is a lot of focus on CSR. Below is an overview of our CSR efforts:

Mobility Solutions

  • Fleet scan and fuel reporting. (including being able to offer HNR)
  • Cooperation with Fleetlogic: black boxes/modules on driving behaviour
  • Proactively measuring nitrogen in tyres and checking tyre pressure
  • Car sharing concept
  • Thinking along about charging stations for electric transport and replacement cars during holidays


  • Van Mossel Automotive Group has mapped out all its waste flows and separates waste
  • Saving energy: motion sensors have been installed in various business premises to save energy and all main lighting at our premises is switched off at night
  • Maximum use of used parts
  • Van Mossel Automotive Group complies with laws and regulations for separators and liquids on drip trays


  • Van Mossel Automotive Group is ISO 9001 certified for a number of business units. This means we meet the legal quality requirements for our products and services


  • Stakeholders get transparent insight into the effects of our business operations on social, ecological and economic aspects
  • Van Mossel communicates transparently about its CSR policy and results

Involved entrepeneurship

  • Van Mossel operates with a focus on the well-being of its employees by offering good working conditions and future prospects
  • Van Mossel Automotive Group is involved in several foundations including: EMMAUS, Villa Pardoes, Make a Wish Foundation, Kika and Alphe d'Huez. Click here for more information
  • The development and construction of the headquarters and logistics center in Waalwijk will take place on the basis of a sustainable integration of our business operations at that location. Construction is taking place in compliance with “BREEAM-NL Very good” sustainability certification, and we are even aiming for “BREEAM-NL Excellent”. More info in the attached case study

CSR certification

  • The Van Mossel car body repair companies are certified for chain certification: ISO 14001, Sustainable Repairs and Approved Sustainability.
  • All Van Mossel car dealerships are Approved Sustainable Plus certified. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We want to be the most recommended provider of mobility solutions in the broadest sense of the word, based on quality, operational perfection, sustainable financial results and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to be the best in every field and to live up to our motto every day: 'Van Mossel. For mobility, for everyone'.

DThe CSR strategy is developed from the customer’s perspective, the wishes of our customers are key. We sell mobility and fossil fuels and emissions play a central role in this. As Van Mossel, we want to contribute to minimizing our impact on the environment and commit to good causes.

CSR is a fixed part of the board meetings and our approach is based on the core values: customer-focused, responsible and open and honest.

CO2 reduction

Sustainable business literally has the future. These are therefore the three main concepts of CO2 reduction embedded in our business operations, namely:

  • Awareness
  • Reduction
  • Compensation
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