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Van Mossel Automotive Group in figures

Van Mossel Automotive Group is the largest automotive company in the Benelux and is also growing in other parts of Europe.

Van Mossel Automotive Group celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2023

Looking back, we have every reason to celebrate that, as our figures also show. At the same time, we are aware of all the uncertain factors we are currently facing. Nevertheless, we managed to post solid financial results last year, with group turnover exceeding € 5,8 billion. This was achieved by focusing in the Benelux on autonomous growth combined with acquisitions of car dealerships and damage repair companies. We also benefitted from favourable developments in the used car market that resulted in a higher turnover rate and a higher inventory position.

Our Van Mossel Leasing Companies also grew in both the Netherlands and Belgium. This strong position, achieved through persistent operational excellence, is with customers in mind and encourages them to take full advantage of Van Mossel as a one-stop shop. Customer satisfaction remains high on the agenda in all disciplines, with the goal of being a leading player in that area as well. We will achieve this by unanimously propagating our core values of hospitality and customer-centricity on the one hand, and innovative investments that provide customers with service and convenience on the other. Examples include our Premium Service and Van Mossel Energy as electrification approaches. We will face new challenges in the future, but we will continue to work with the same passion and drive as always.

Omzet 2023
Van Mossel Automotive Group
€ 5.554.447.777
2023 revenue including acquisitions
Budget 2024
Budget 2024
€ 6.209.541.641
revenue excluding acquisitions


Lease fleet
Total transactions
Verkoop nieuw
new car sales
Verkoop gebruikt
used car sales
damage repairs
lease transactions

Overall revenue development 2023

€ 3.277.376.045
€ 1.971.141.541
€ 203.774.440
United Kingdom
€ 102.155.752

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading company, we take our responsibilities seriously in the field of Sustainable Business. In our Sustainability Report, we look back on the sustainable results of our actions and ahead to the sustainable steps we will take in the coming years. As the largest automotive company in the Benelux, Van Mossel Automotive Group is actively developing its sustainability within all of its branches.

Sustainability Report


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