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The Rich History
Van Mossel Automotive Group

1941 v2 1941 v2

Bovag diploma W.B.J van Mossel

The founder of car company Van Mossel, W.B.J. (Wilhelm Bernardus Jesaias) van Mossel, was born on August 31, 1915 in Wageningen. At the age of 26, on August 27, 1941, W.B.J. (Wim) van Mossel obtained his Bovag diploma of competence for the Automobile and Garage Business.

1949 v2 1949 v2

Automotive company W.B.J. van Mossel at Oostwal 36 in Den Bosch

Right after the Second World War, Van Mossel established his company "Automotive company W.B.J. van Mossel," located at Krommeweg 7 in Den Bosch. In 1949, he moved the car company to Oostwal 36 in Den Bosch..

1955 v3 1955 v3

Car company and Volkswagen dealer Van Mossel at the harbor in Waalwijk

In 1957, the new construction of Autobedrijf Van Mossel is started on the Grotestraat, corner of Thorbeckelaan, in Waalwijk. On April 12, 1958, the company is put into use at its new location, festively opened by Mayor Teijssen.

1958 nieuw pand volkswagen van m0ssel grotestraat waalwijk 300x216 v2 1958 nieuw pand volkswagen van m0ssel grotestraat waalwijk 300x216 v2

New construction of Van Mossel car company

In 1957, construction started on the new building of car company Van Mossel on the Grotestraat, corner of Thorbeckelaan, in Waalwijk. On April 12, 1958, the company was inaugurated at its new location, festively opened by Mayor Thijssen.

1958 opening grotestraat wim van mossel 214x300 1958 opening grotestraat wim van mossel 214x300

Official reopening on January 11, 1964

In 1964, car company Van Mossel on Grotestraat was renovated. With an official reopening on January 11 of that year, the whole place got a festive touch.

Wim van Mossel gave a lot of appreciation to his staff and was very involved with everything that concerned his employees. It became an established tradition to take the entire staff to the annual Snip and Snap performance at the Stadsschouwburg and then have dinner together afterwards. Wim was also very enterprising and progressive, and all sorts of things were undertaken in the company on Grotestraat that Van Mossel thought would appeal to his customers. Under the guise of “everything under one roof,” the company on Grotestraat added a travel agency, a driving school, and Wim had also added a Mobil gas station to its business activities. Also, a bar was later added to the business, where many regular customers liked to come for a chat with the people of Van Mossel and the other customers.

1968 0419 opening kaatsheuvel Mossel familie 300x182 1968 0419 opening kaatsheuvel Mossel familie 300x182

Opening new location in Kaatsheuvel

On April 19, 1968, car company Van Mossel opened its new establishment in Kaatsheuvel. Mainly intended as a used car center and an extra service point for the loyal client base.

In 1974, the Audi integration took place and on November 1 of that year Kaatsheuvel closed as a branch.

Besides the car company, Wim van Mossel had several other companies, such as Vlijmex Caravans in Vlijmen, a company he owned together with Jan van den Udenhout. Wim had 2 Hubo businesses as well. Van Mossel was also a big fan of American cars and loved to go camping with the family in a Caravan in his spare time. Wim van Mossel enjoyed being as active as a hunter.

Together with his wife, Guusje, Van Mossel had four sons: Wim jr., Paul, Koen and Tjen. Wim jr. also had a car business himself in Waalwijk, becoming a dealer of Renault, formerly car company Schoep. Paul managed his father's Hubo business.

Guusje van Mossel was an extremely sympathetic woman; however, she rarely if ever showed her face at the car company. She was involved, but more in the background. Unfortunately, in 1993, Guusje Van Mossel passed away.

The name Van Mossel was very well known and well regarded as a warm, cordial and service-oriented car company.

Wim van Mossel transferred his company to N.J. (Nico) van Rooij in 1978. He had been employed by Van Mossel as an administrator since 1955.

Drik Berkhof Drik Berkhof

Eric Berkhof starts as a trainee at car company Van Mossel

Eric Berkhof joined car company Van Mossel as a trainee in 1982. After completing his studies in 1984, Eric joined car company Van Mossel. On July 15, 1988, Eric took over the company from owner Nico van Rooij. Eric Berkhof was born on August 1, 1963 in Tilburg. Raised in a family with two brothers and a sister, the automotive industry played an important role early in his life. At the age of nine, Eric often accompanied his father to his wholesale car dealership. Father Drik Berkhof (pictured) had been a customer at Autobedrijf Van Mossel for a long time, so Eric often came there too. Drik Berkhof was a great inspiration to Eric and he gave him the advice: “Make your hobby and passion your work”.

vw waalwijk vw waalwijk

Van Mossel car dealership at Van Andelstraat 1 in Waalwijk

Around 1990, the car industry reached a new low. The Van Mossel organization saw that the market could be divided into 3 parts: - Private market - Small business market (local companies) - Universal leasing companies. On these pillars, in the following years, the organization was further expanded by Eric and his team. In 1991, Eric Berkhof sold the premises on Grotestraat in Waalwijk to the local EMTE supermarket and moved his company into new premises at Van Andelstraat 1. At that time, the PDI center also established for larger deals and for used cars with a trade destination.

overnames v2 overnames v2

Growth, growth, growth!

In 1992, Van Mossel Leasing was established for better connection with the business market and to maintain the relationship with end-users. In 1994, the 40-year Volkswagen company anniversary was celebrated by car company Van Mossel. November 1, 1995, the Volkswagen company Garage Central in Valkenswaard was taken over by car company Van Mossel. On September 18, 1996, Volkswagen dealer Adr.v.d.Ven in Hapert transferred his business to Van Mossel B.V. In 1997, the first repair shop was added to the Van Mossel Group. Together with Dirk Wahl, Eric Berkhof founded Repair center Dongen V.O.F., owned by Jan Kerkhof until then. The repair shop moved to Waalwijk in 2000, where both men enjoyed working together. In 2008, Eric took over all shares in the company from his business partner Dirk Wahl. If Dirk had not sold his VW/Audi company in Oosterhout, the cooperation would still have been there. In 1997, a partnership was established with Ruud Mees' financial services company PlusAdvies. Eric and Ruud jointly participated 50% in the new venture, Finance 4 Wheels. In 1997, a car and repair shop in Hapert was also taken over. In 1998, Eric's brother Kees Berkhof joined the management of car company Van Mossel. On September 1, 2000, the takeover of Bongers Tilburg followed, including a car repair shop in Tilburg and the opening of the Oisterwijk establishment. In the first years of the new millennium, Van Mossel B.V. also took over various lease portfolios, such as AB Lease and Venef lease. In 2001, Eric Berkhof celebrated 12.5 years as a Volkswagen dealer. Also in that year, the acquisition of car and repair company Keent in Weert took place. In 2003, Van Mossel Fleet & Logistics was founded in order to better serve larger customers with a central administration and account management.

Screen Shot 2017 07 25 at 10.41.19 Screen Shot 2017 07 25 at 10.41.19

New headquarters

In 2005, the new headquarters was realized at Kraaivenstraat in Tilburg, which also integrated the Commercial Vehicle Centre, and in that year the first Mega Occasion Centre was also opened at Kraaivenstraat.

Audi Centrum Tilburg hr Audi Centrum Tilburg hr

Festive opening of the Audi Centre Tilburg

On December 20, 2007, they celebrated the grand opening of the Audi Centre Tilburg, Van Mossel's response to Pon's new strategy of further brand splitting between Volkswagen and Audi.

MegaOccasionCentrum Utrecht hr1 MegaOccasionCentrum Utrecht hr1

Second Mega Occasion Centre

In 2008, the second Mega Occasion Centre in Utrecht opened its doors. 

ACR Group Kaatsheuvel hr ACR Group Kaatsheuvel hr

Expansion of the Repair Group

In 2010, the Repair Group expanded with a participation in the A.C.R. Group. This company was known for its alternative damage repair methods, such as no-spray dent repair and spot repair.

Erik Berkhof en Ben Mandemakers Erik Berkhof en Ben Mandemakers

Eric Berkhof en Ben Mandemakers

In the year 2012, Eric Berkhof and Ben Mandemakers together prepared the next strategic steps to further grow the Van Mossel Group. They established BEE Holding, 50% owned by Ben Mandemakers' Automabe Holding and 50% owned by Eric Berkhof's Van Mossel lease holding. In February 2013, International Car Lease Holding, comprising the leasing labels J&T Autolease and DirectLease, was acquired. This company came from Kroymans Corporation. In July 2013, Eric Berkhof and Ben Mandemakers acquired OPC Group, dealer of Opel, Opel commercial vehicles and Chevrolet in Oosterhout and Dongen. It would also be incorporated into the BEE holding company.

At the end of 2013, the third Mega Occasion centre was launched at DirectLease Oldenzaal location. In April 2014, the Mandemakers men and Berkhof acquired seven Peugeot dealerships from Pouw Automotive, located in the Amsterdam-Leiden-Hoofddorp triangle. Thus, the newly formed Van Mossel West B.V. also became part of BEE Holding. A month later, the Tilburg branch of Opel Lathouwers and two more Pouw repair shops (in Groningen and in Lisse) were acquired by BEE Holding. In the month of September, BEE Holding also acquired 3 Furness Land Rover dealerships from Koops-Furness in Zwolle, Enschede and Apeldoorn. In October, 2 Ford dealerships from Ford Vadah in Roermond-Herten and Weert and 2 Kia dealerships from Koops Furness in Apeldoorn and Deventer would also be added. At the end of 2014, the Van Mossel Group also acquired the 2 remaining dealerships from Opel Lathouwers in Den Bosch and Veghel and 2 more Ford dealerships in Eindhoven and Helmond.

In 2015, International Car Lease Holding acquired the lease companies V&M leasing in Hellevoetsluis and ProfiLease in Rotterdam. In January 2016, Van Mossel launched the Jaguar brand in Zwolle and acquired 2 dealerships from Ford Van Berkel in 's-Hertogenbosch and Veghel. Later that month, Schadenet Rothuijsen Zwolle would be added to the Van Mossel Car Repair Group. At the end of February 2016, International Car Lease Holding acquired the leasing companies Autolease Groningen and Lease Quality. In June 2016, Schadenet ACK/Bouwman was added, followed by Citroën Amsterdam as of 4 November 2016. This expanded the brand portfolio to 10 brands.


Van Mossel Automotive Group

In June 2016, the name was changed to Van Mossel Automotive Group to clearly show what the Group stands for in the name as well. Van Mossel Automotive Group likes to think along with its customers and wants to make mobility accessible for everyone, preferably everything under one roof. After all, convenience serves people. Also, Van Mossel Automotive Group will always continue to strive for growth, new opportunities and innovation, in order to continue serving our customers optimally and to work the market as well as possible, looking for new customers. In the last five years, car company Van Mossel has consistently ranked among the top five dealerships in terms of customer satisfaction. The Waalwijk branch, for example, won the Volkswagen customer satisfaction award as recently as 2013. We owe our position today to our customers.

As a company, we are proud to have a large group of ambassadors, including many first-time customers who have been doing business with us for more than 30 years. In particular, we would like to mention the gentlemen Ad van Sas, Eric Achten of Eegim Shoes and Jan Klooster of CWS Netherlands. We would also like to mention some companies that have been involved in the growth of our company from the beginning: Macintosh, Lips-Wärtsilla, Alcoa-Sapa, WML Waalwijk and, of course, De Mandemakers Group. The following companies were acquired in 2016: Schadenet Rothuijsen Zwolle (February), Auto Lease Groningen / Lease Quality Assen and Leeuwarden (March), Schadenet ACK / Bouwman (June), Ford Tigchelaar Oisterwijk Tilburg and Waalwijk (October) and Citroën Amsterdam (November). Eric Berkhof: “We continue to seize new opportunities and look for ways to do even better for our customers, with the best possible proposition and the very best service.”

24173937 1545319008855527 3395392509331557017 o 24173937 1545319008855527 3395392509331557017 o

Spectacular growth

The year 2017 began with spectacular growth through the acquisition of six repair shops, including a high-tech repair shop. The acquisitions of Leasense Belgium (March) and Geba Auto Land Rover (September) followed later in the year. The year ended with the acquisition of Lease Performance (December).

26171030 1572690762785018 3329424055375651302 o 26171030 1572690762785018 3329424055375651302 o

Starting the year with fireworks

Van Mossel continues to grow. The year started with fireworks in the acquisition area. On the first business day of the new year, it was announced that SEAT and ŠKODA would be added to the brand portfolio and that the number of Van Mossel KIA branches woudl grow from 3 to 5. The new brands came from NOORDHOEK Tilburg and NOORDHOEK Waalwijk. The Kia branches of Blokhuis Kia Amersfoort and Blokhuis Kia Harderwijk. The passenger car branch of ROGAM was taken over in mid-April. This would add the Mercedes-Benz and smart brands to the car companies' brand portfolio. In addition, Laurens Autoschade was added to the Van Mossel Auto Repair Group and Autoverhuur Rijnmond was added to the leasing arm, International Car Lease Holding.

In June 2018, International Car Lease Holding acquired Belgian car leasing company Westlease. Operations continued unchanged from the current four locations in Belgium (two locations), France (one location) and Luxembourg (one location). At the end of 2018, Van Mossel Automotive Group and the VKV Group (Van Kerkhof & Visscher Group) joined forces in a joint venture, with Van Mossel taking a 50% stake in the VKV Group. The VKV Group is one of the most successful Renault-Nissan Alliance dealers in the Netherlands and carries the Renault, Dacia, Nissan and INFINITI brands.

vm nieuw vm nieuw

New look, first dealer commercial and gaining foothold in Belgium

The acquisition offensive of dealerships started in Belgium at the beginning of 2019 with dealer groups GMAN from the Antwerp region and Bruyninx from Limburg. Mitsubishi in Antwerp followed in October and Car Assistance Company from Turnhout also became part of the group in December 2019. The year ended with an increase in the PSA and Kia network through the agreement with the Van Kelst family. This also gave Van Mossel a foothold in Flemish Brabant with branches in Schriek, Aarschot and Leuven. In the Netherlands, the following companies would be acquired: Peugeot Groene Hart (Hans Lammers) (January) Cloosterman Autoschade Nijmegen (February) Opel/Ford Automotions & Autoschadeteam & ZuidWest Lease Groep (July) ABS Hoornse Autoschade (July) Car Company Wouters Tilburg (December).

In this year, the entire Van Mossel Automotive Group also underwent a house style change. The coloured logo columns made way for a stylish black design with white letters 'Van Mossel'. Van Mossel showed itself from its most stylish and versatile side in the very first dealer commercial on Dutch television. In 30 seconds, we presented ourselves to the Dutch public. They saw the enormous versatility and were introduced to the new pay-off: For mobility, for everyone. Also, after 15 years, MG returned to the market and Van Mossel was awarded the exclusive distributorship in the Netherlands. Overall, the number of employees grew by 27% this year.

handshake handshake

Becoming the largest automotive group in the Benelux in 1 swoop

2020 was also marked by a large number of acquisitions in both the Netherlands and Belgium. For the Netherlands, these were:  Autobedrijf Van der Maat (January) - Citroën  Autobedrijf Van Putten (January) - Ford  Autobedrijf Tolman Drachten (January) - Hyundai  Luijbregts Valkenswaard (March) - Ford  Van Mossel Financiële Diensten 100%-interest (ipv joint-venture) (March)  Opel Kerckhaert Terneuzen (May) - Opel  Innovation Lease (September) - ICLH  Hoeke Hoofddorp (November) - Nissan  ROGAM/Hogenbirk Bedrijfswens - Mercedes-Benz (December) For Belgium, these are:  CAC Turnhout (December) - Mercedes-Benz  Van Kelst (December) - Peugeot, Citroën  Garage Serneels Aarschot (January) - Peugeot  Garage Panken Leuven (January) - Citroën  Garage Hens Lier (May) - Opel  Garage Govaerts (June) - Peugeot, Citroën. In October, the largest dealership acquisition in the Benelux region since 2017 would be announced. The acquisition of the dealer groups Fidenco (10 car brands) in Belgium and Autopolis (13 car brands) in Luxembourg were definitively ratified in early 2021. Over 700 new colleagues would be added to the group. With an additional sales volume of 23.000 cars per year and 15 branches, Van Mossel became the largest automotive group in the Benelux in one swoop.

Van Mossel Devos Capoen Van Mossel Devos Capoen

A special year

What a special year 2021 was. A year of uncertainties with choices that were not always easy to make. On the one hand there were the limitations of COVID-19, on the other hand there was the energy and creativity to turn these limitations into opportunities. Opportunities for customers, opportunities to keep the business running smoothly. It worked, and in the process everyone was able to stay on board. What's more, there was substantial expansion. The following expansion applied to the Netherlands:

  • Kerckhaert Hulst (Feb) Opel
  • Indumij (July) Renault, Dacia, 167 people
  • Autoschade Den Haag (June) new location, no acquisition
  • Joint venture with VKV Groep converted to 100% interest
  • Joint venture with Dorzo converted to 100% interest

And for Belgium/Luxembourg the following expansion applied:

  • Fidenco (Jan) multibrand
  • Autopolis (Jan) multibrand
  • Garage Vervloet (Feb) Opel
  • Mercedes Benz Trucks (April) new location, no acquisition
  • Devos Capoen (July) Renault, Dacia; joint venture
  • Garage Van Thielen (September) Citroën
  • Garage Deprince (October) Ford; converted 100% interest
  • Garage Vandecruys (November) Kia

This brought the number of branches (there are several branches at 1 location) to over 300.


One family of mobility companies

Van Mossel Automotive Group offers a broad portfolio of automotive companies. Dealerships, repair shops, superb leasing companies and numerous other mobility solutions. Discover Van Mossel Automotive Group!

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